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Enrichment Classes at Wee Care Preschool

Foreign Language


At Wee Care Preschool we feel expanding the minds of little ones at an early age through the exposure to foreign language is paramount.  We offer the below languages as part of our curriculum to enhance the early childhood learning experience.  The diversity of our Wee Care families lends itself beautifully to this aspect of our curriculum.


Spanish Language - Our teachers incorporate the Spanish Language into daily circle time by speaking numbers, colors, letters and shapes first in English, and then in Spanish.   


Chinese Story Time - We are fortunate enough to have one of our own Wee Care Moms share her time twice a week for story time in Chinese with each of the classes.





Every Wednesday at Wee Care, Mr. Joel visits each classroom for a fun filled musical adventure!  Mr. Joel has been performing and teaching children for decades in Chicago alone and has recorded many award winning children's albums. His hit song “We Go Together,” was featured in the classic Tom Hanks motion picture “Big.” Another of his popular songs, “I’d Be a Bee,” is used by music educators nationwide as an enhanced learning aid. Frankel has laudable songwriting credits as his songs are frequently placed in television shows syndicated worldwide and can be heard on The Learning Channel, NBC’s Movie of the Week and MTV. Additionally, Mr. Joel is faculty of the venerable Old Town School of Folk Music!


Acting and Dramatic Play

During our dramatic play class, children experience the freedom to act as animals, special characters, and many creative roles!  This energetic and empowering enrichment is taught by actors specializing in children's theater who come into the classroom and rotate to each group weekly.  Beginning at Toddler age, our students have the opportunity to participate in vocal warm ups, spending time taking "center stage" in front of their peers, and using costumes and props to enhance their dramatic play class. 


Pee Wee Sports and Fitness 


For over 15 years, Mr. John of Pee Wee Sports and Fitness has helped the children of Wee Care lead healthy lives through learning about fitness and nutrition.  Each class incorporates exercise, nutrition, and different sports skills.  Please visit the Pee Wee Sports and Fitness website for more information, registration,  and to view a video of Mr. John and his students in action! www.PeeWeeSportsAndFitness




Wee Care is excited to add Dance to Evole to our enrichment programs.  The dance program allows children to explore creative movement while learning and having fun!  Class includes the use of fun props and story time to enhance development.  Visit for more information and registration.





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